1. Applying style to ssh-askpass

    ssh-askpass(1) is a graphical program that prompts the user for their SSH Key passphrase and passes it to the ssh-add(1) command.

    Out of the box, ssh-askpass is pretty ugly, but I feel like I've managed to make it look dark, modern, and good.

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  2. Qtile Window Manager

    Arch Linux For most people, their window manager is something they probably don't think much about. Consider all of the Windows and Mac users out there. They may or may not think about the fact that they appreciate how using Windows is different from using a Mac, but they may not be able to explain exactly why (Though over the past few years, it feels like Mac and Windows interfaces are slowing becoming very similar).

    But on Linux, there is a lot of choice of window managers: from KDE & Gnome (similar to the traditional Windows/Mac interfaces) to tiling window managers like DWM, Xmonad, and Qtile.

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  3. I use Arch, BTW

    I have not used Windows as my primary Operating System for many years (since around 2003). Sure, I've had to run Windows on a work laptop here and there, but for anything personal, I've been non-Windows. I used a Mac for a while and as a Unix-based OS, MacOS is pretty nice. Not exactly what I like, but I much prefer it to Windows.

    Published Sun Nov 21 2021 (Updated Dec 22 2022) by Mike Erdely in Technical
    [ linux arch ]
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  4. My Desktop/Laptop

    I went a few years without a computer at my desk at home. I lived off a laptop and never sat at my desk with a proper keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup. But as I started working from home more, I felt like I wanted a nice, comfortable setup in our office, so I started looking for a computer for my desk.

    I settled on a huge, powerful gaming laptop: an MSI GT76 Titan DT

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