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  1. Plex Client Configuration

    Out of the box, Plex Media Clients are misconfigured to but an undue burden on the Plex Server.

    This guide will help you configure your client properly including: Apple IOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation, Amazon Fire, Rokul and smart TVs.

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  2. My dot Files

    So that I can share how I've configured several of my applications and systems on my laptop, I've created a new GitHub project for my dotfiles.

    Hope you can use them to find a different way to accomplish your goals or, even better, you find a bug or have a suggestion for me.

    Published Sat Nov 27 2021 (Updated Dec 22 2022) by Mike Erdely
    [ linux ]
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  3. Password Management with Bitwarden

    In a past life, I managed both Lastpass and 1Password. Neither of them were something I wanted to use personally, so I was looking for something better.

    In the mean time, I was using KeePassXC stored in Google Drive. And Holly and I also had a shared Keepass file stored in a shared directory so we could share passwords between us.

    But then I learned about Bitwarden.

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