Yes, this is me

Hi, I'm Mike Erdely.

Welcome to erdelynet.com. I try to post articles about topics I find interesting, mostly technology-focused.

I'm a Linux Systems Administrator and all-around technology enthusiast in Maryland, USA. I've run IT Operations for several software development companies and currently perform DevOps managing over a hundred Splunk Linux servers using Ansible. I have been involved with the OpenBSD project as a ports developer (though I haven't been active with OpenBSD in several years).

I live with my wife (Holly), our dog, and our cat.

My current personal projects include:

Most of my technical articles are either about Linux or Home Automation. Though I may throw in some posts about my car or tennis, too.

I am also a very active tennis player, enjoying both men's and mixed doubles. I especially love playing with my wife.

And I love my car, Pearl Jam, and Wu-Tang Clan.