My Desktop/Laptop

I went a few years without a computer at my desk at home. I lived off a laptop and never sat at my desk with a proper keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup. But as I started working from home more, I felt like I wanted a nice, comfortable setup in our office, so I started looking for a computer for my desk.

I settled on a huge, powerful gaming laptop: an MSI GT76 Titan DT

My Desk

My Computer

MSI GT76 Titan DT Specs -- this thing is a beast:

  • Intel Core i7-9700K (desktop class processor)
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 w/ 8 GB GDDR6
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 3 x 512 GB NVME SSD
  • 1TB SSD
  • 17" 144 Hz Screen

I wanted to have a desktop class machine, but I didn't want to be locked down to my desk if I really wanted to. But it's heavy - over 9 pounds.

The laptop mostly lives with the lid closed while sitting on a laptop stand. But I did take it with me on my most recent vacation so that I could play some games if I wanted to. I was able to run an HDMI cable from my laptop to the TV and play on the TV from my laptop.


I have two 27" Dell Monitors connected to the MSI USB-C Dock. This could allow me to have THREE screens, including the laptop screen, but I have the laptop screen the same-as the left monitor.


I am using a Logitech G915 Keyboard and a G502 mouse. I love the way the keyboard keys sound and feel and the mouse is just awesome. I have the USB dongles plugged right into my laptop (next to the USB-C dock cable) so that if I need to restart the dock for whatever reason, I still have access to my keyboard and mouse.


I really love this laptop. It's huge. And I do sometimes wish I had bought a desktop computer so that I could add multiple GPUs, etc. But that hasn't come up too often and I'm very happy.