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  1. Password Management with Bitwarden

    In a past life, I managed both Lastpass and 1Password. Neither of them were something I wanted to use personally, so I was looking for something better.

    In the mean time, I was using KeePassXC stored in Google Drive. And Holly and I also had a shared Keepass file stored in a shared directory so we could share passwords between us.

    But then I learned about Bitwarden.

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  2. Centralized Bookmarks with Linkding

    As I mentioned in my Qutebrowser article, my browser doesn't have the ability to share bookmarks with my other browsers. I run Chrome on my phone and Chrome on my Chromebook. And I have a second Linux laptop that also runs Qutebrowser.

    I needed a solution to share bookmarks between them. And I settled on Linkding.

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