My dot Files

So that I can share how I've configured several of my applications and systems on my laptop, I've created a new GitHub project for my dotfiles.

Hope you can use them to find a different way to accomplish your goals or, even better, you find a bug or have a suggestion for me.

What are dotfiles?

"dotfiles" are generally files that being with a period in the filename. By starting a filename with a period character, they are hidden by default from many graphical file managers and the ls(1) command. With ls specifically, you can list "dotfiles" by running ls -a or ls -al.

Many programs use "dotfiles" to store configuration information in a user's home directory. Files can be stored in the root of the home directory or under a ".config" directory in the user's home directory (e.g. "~/.vimrc" and "~/.config/qtile/").

What files have I published?

I have shared most of the files necessary for me to get my shell working the way I want along with files used for configuring things like:

And some of the important shell config files:

The project also contains some useful scripts for Qtile, adjusting brightness, and a terminal launcher.

Published Sat Nov 27 2021 (Updated Dec 22 2022) by Mike Erdely
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